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Linch Pin Manufacturers

German Inds is a Top Industry for Linch Pin Manufacturers in Ludhiana. A wedge-shaped rod that fits into a hole in a part and prevents another part from shifting to one side while fastened to the first part. In Germaninds the Size of a linch-pin prevents the pin of the falling out of the hole. Linchpins were used in Tractor parts, vehicles to prevent the wheels from coming off the axle. The Most Important Linch Pin Manufacturers in Ludhiana parts, for example, as safety pins in hand grenades.

A linch-pin, also called linch pin, lynchpin, or lynch pin. The word is first validated in the late fourteenth century and gets from Middle English components meaning axletree pin.

Making sure about executes onto the three-point hitch of a farm truck is a case of use. Key parts may likewise be utilized in te spot of a R-Spot.



CODE     A            B             C             D            E

GLP4535              4.5         28.6       35           44           3

GLP4540              4.5         33           40           48           3

GLP6045              6             36.5       45           54           3.2

GLP 6070             6             60           70           80           3.5

GLP7045              7             36.5       45           55           3.3

GLP8045              8             36.5       45           54           3.3

GLP8070              8             60           70           80           3.5

GLP9045              9             36.5       45           56           3.3

GLP1045              10           36.5       45           56           3.5

GLP1051              10           42           51           62           3.5

GLP1145              10           36.5       45           56           3.5

GLP1151              11           39           51           61           3.5

GLP1245              12           36.5       45           56           3.5

Germaninds - Best Linch Pin Manufacturers in Ludhiana

German Industrail corporation leading Linch Pin Manufacturers in Ludhiana or pto pins, round wire lock pin with tab, linch pin din, linch pin for tube, linch pins oval shape and pipe linch pin special from Ludhiana, India.

Linch Pins using quality tested raw materials that are sourced from the trusted dealers in the market. These pins are  protected to the wheel from the sliding from many kinds of vehicles. These are available in various sizes, diameters and can be customized according to the specifications of the customers. Germanids offer these to our clients at realistic prices in the market.

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